Dr. Patricia Hunter

Dr. Patricia Hunter


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I'm Dr Patricia Hunter and I am a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, and psychological consultant. I have a full time practice in New York City, where I see people of all ages. I conduct individual therapy sessions as well as group therapy.  Although I work with a variety of psychological issues, I devote special attention to the treatment of  the negative effects of trauma, and the treatment of the fear of aging. I call the group I run that deals with issues of trauma and abuse, the #MeToo Support Group. I call the group I run that deals with issues related to the stress of aging, Aging with Grace. Learn More

Beyond TraumaDiscovering JoyAdmiring Age

“While many of us work hard to earn the right to be comfortable and avoid challenge in later adulthood, this strategy runs the risk of sending our brains the message that they no longer need to keep growing-this is the worst message you can give to an organ of adaptation.”

– Colarusso
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Admiring Age

When individuals reach old age, the aging stereotypes internalized in childhood, and then reinforced for decades, become self stereotypes that contribute to unnecessary and tragic emotional and cognitive decline.

My practice is devoted to helping people become aware of negative stereotypes about becoming older that then become activated with each approaching birthday. During psychotherapy sessions, individual as well as group, we work to uncover and replace those negative stereotypes with constructive and exciting (and factual) alternatives.  Like with trauma, there is tremendous stigma in our culture that involves ignorance and prejudice. This ignorance and prejudice contributes to depression, anxiety, apathy and significant decline in healthy functioning that is absolutely unnecessary and a tremendous loss for our culture as a whole.